Show Rundown

#0312: Men Are from GM, Women Are from Ford

Original Air Date: 03.22.2003
Show Open Topic

Men, women, and neatness.

Call 1

Sarah Fleming (Detriot, Michigan)

Clutch. She had it replaced and now it pops out of 5th gear and scrapes if she puts it in again. The mechanics say she just lost the gear but she thinks they messed something up. Tom and Ray think she got a bad transmission.

Call 2

Tyler Buckner (, North Carolina)

Brakes. Makes a knocking sound that varies with speed. If he touches the brakes, it stops. Ray thinks it's a warped disc rotor.

Call 3

Flap Este (, Idaho)

Driving. Her husband asks her directions. But he always takes the exact opposite way. Is this a male/female thing?

Call 4

Patrick Freeberg (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Fuel mileage. He gets 35 mpg in the summer and 15 in the winter. Why? Tom and Ray think he needs to replace the thermostat.

Call 5

Arleigh Gibson (Evanston, Wyoming)

Engine. The car does an Elvis idle. If hits the gas, it dies. The mechanic changed the thermostat and fuel filter. Tom thinks he's got a vacuum leak. Ray thinks it's the throttle position sensor.

Call 6

Abbey Lawrence (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Accident. An absent minded professor hit her. Can she ask the professor to help pay for a rental car?

Call 7

Eliot (Berkeley, California)

engine. Makes a kazoo sound when he accelerates. The dealer can't hear it and say there's nothing wrong with it. Rom thinks it's the fender liner. Ray says it could also be a tire that's out of balance.

Call 8

Turi McKinley (Boston, Massachusetts)

Engine. She turns on the car and it made a loud whining sound, shook violently and blew out white smoke from the engine. Tom and Ray think it's got collapsed valves.

Call 9

Doug Robinson (, New York)

buying/marital. His wife keeps her car really messy. He's a neat freak. He needs to buy another car and is thinking of getting a stick shift because she doesn't know how to drive a manual. Tom and Ray say definitely! Blame it on better fuel mileage and preserving his manhood.