Show Rundown

#0314: Please, Keep Your Day Job

Original Air Date: 04.05.2003
Show Open Topic

Bumper stickers.

Call 1

Rob Mottice (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Transmission. He had the transmission oil changed. Now when he accelerates, it jerks. And he's found metal shavings in the pan. Does this have anything to do with overfilling the oil by a quart?

Call 2

Jessen Kelly (, California)

Vibration. Everything is vibrating! Bouncy when she's driving at low speeds. Should she worry or leave it alone? Tom and Ray think it's a bad spark plug wire.

Call 3

Adam Brown (Los Angeles, California)

buying. He bought a Forester but it's too small for him. he's 6'4". He's morally opposed to SUV's but snuck off to test drive a Chevy Blazer and loved it! What shoudl he do?

Call 4

Michelle Shane (, Michigan)

Parking. Her husband thinks that she'll break the car if she parks it on a hill in gear.

Call 5

Chris (Richmond, Virginia)

brakes. when he hits the brakes, it sounds like he backed over a tree. Tom and Ray think he needs to lube the calipers and slides. It could also be a bad ball joint.

Call 6

Juliette Dupree (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Maintenance. She's got 233,498 miles on her car. She's never changed the timing belt or clutch. Should she do it as a precaution?

Call 7

Sara Blomfield (, Oklahoma)

Steering. She hears a whistling noise whenever she turns. Tom and Ray think it's a faulty power steering pump or a slipping belt.

Call 8

Bill Bailey (Branson, Missouri)

Transmission. The truck rolled into a lake. Park and reverse went. Should he take it out of the lake or sink it? *stump the chumps*

Call 9

Wilson Hubbel (, Tennessee)

Buying. He wants to buy a Honda Insight but wants it to be a convertible. Can he turn it into one?