Show Rundown

#0319: No Smoking Please

Original Air Date: 05.10.2003
Show Open Topic

Story about how Ray missed the Car Talk trip to South Beach but still got stuck with the tab.

Call 1

Tom Mumford (Bellingham, Washington)

Heating/cooling. When he turns on the heater, it spews out misty stuff that fogs up the windows. Is he going to get sick from breathing it in?

Call 2

Christine Filger (, Oregon)

airbags. Is it safe to use knitting needles in the passenger front seat with an airbag?

Call 3

Kristen Page (, Illinois)

brakes/tires. It smells like burnt rubber when she's driving. The tires look ok. She just had them rotated after having new brake pads installed. Tom and Ray think it's a stuck caliper.

Call 4

Peter Werner (Bend, Oregon)

Clutch. There's a high pitched shining noise when the clutch isn't engaged.

Call 5

Ruth Shaw (, Oregon)

buying. She wants to buy her grandson a new car under $25K but he doesn't like any of the cars she's picked out because they are chick cars. Tom and Ray suggest the Honda Element.

Call 6

Kelly Grieves (, Oregon)

Clutch/driving. The clutch is getting hard to push in and out. How long should a clutch last? Her husband thinks she's killing the clutch because she puts it into first gear while she's going 10 mph.

Call 7

Yusef Muhammad (, District Of Columbia)

Fuel. His wife thinks he's ruining her car by mixing different brands of gasoline. Is he?

Call 8

Craig (, North Carolina)

Ethical. His girlfriend's mom inherited a lot of money and bought him a brand new truck. Now the relationship is over. Should he return the truck? Tom and Ray say he should call the ex-girlfriend's mom and ask her if she's like the truck back.