Show Rundown

#0501: Mosquitoes One, Humans Zero

Original Air Date: 01.01.2005
Show Open Topic

Factoids from the department of useless information.

Call 1

Brian Block (Ames, Iowa)

The car's got low compression in one cylinder. He can't find anyone to work on it. Can he fix it himself? Or should he get a new engine?

Call 2

Kathleen Braden (Seattle, Washington)

Is it safe to drive a car after it's been rolled over in an accident? Insurance says it's not but her husband says it's fine.

Call 3

Laura Intebi (El Paso, Texas)

Her dad's got a theory: once a car is traveling over 40 mph

Call 4

Jarrett Robinette (Collinsville, Illinois)

Can he install an after-market cruise control function?

Call 5

Erin Kenney (Newport, Rhode Island)

Dump/keep... The stick shift fell through floor and the drive shaft snapped off engine. Mechanic friend says it's fixable. Is it?

Call 6

Tim Thomaston (Dallas, Texas)

Windshield wipers... he needs to fashion a giant car for a children

Call 7

Tory Teele (Ashland, Oregon)

There's a humming noise coming from the back of the car when the engine is running.

Call 8

Matt Gamage (Anchorage, Alaska)

Matt's got a heating/cooling issue. The heat only works when he