Show Rundown

#0502: Buyer Beware, and Assume the Worst!

Original Air Date: 01.08.2005
Show Open Topic

An automotive confession about a roadside car repair gone terribly wrong.

Call 1

Amy Dodge (Ely, Minnesota)

Should you ever move the car in cold weather before it

Call 2

Kevin Malling (Gardenia, California)

Exhaust... Loves his car, but thinks it makes him sleepy. Wonders if it

Call 3

Anne Everitt (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Buying... she's a pastry chef and needs a vehicle to transport wedding cakes. Needs tall, not necessarily large, and good suspension so cakes don't....

Call 4

Colin Peppard (Somerville, Massachusetts)

clutch/tranny... Squeaks when he shifts out of first and into second.

Call 5

Kelly Daniels (Syracuse, New York)

Selling... Family has this car, and they sold it to her boyfriend. She was nervous but her mom went for it.

Call 6

John Sheldon (Falmouth, Maine)

Is undercoating a thing of the past?

Call 7

Marilee Marquise (Mount Desert, Maine)

Steering... first it got tight, now it's extremely lose, several inches of play on either side.

Call 8

Derek (Potsdam, New York)

Bad gas mileage - it's terrible ever since he hit a deer.

Call 9

Tish Corbett (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)

Electrical... listens to Oprah while her daughter is at horseback riding. Now it suddenly runs down the battery. It didn't...