Show Rundown

#0503: Why Dogs Shouldn't Drive

Original Air Date: 01.15.2005
Show Open Topic

Tom's nearly arrested for accidental lewd behavior.

Call 1

Patrick Brannen (State College, Pennsylvania)

His Durango sounds like there's an airplane from the left-front wheel. He can feel it in the steering wheel. He had the left front caliper fixed a while ago. Could that be it?

Call 2

Becky Moreno (Birmingham, Alabama)

The pedal thumps when she brakes. Can she fix this herself?

Call 3

George Sherman (Columbia Falls, Montana)

His car died and he called a tow. When the car got to the shop, it was running. Mechanic said the dogs shifted it into gear. The tranny is wrecked. Could the dogs have done it?

Call 4

Dyana Thomas (Missoula, Montana)

The seat belt warning won't disengage. Can she pull the plug on it somehow?

Call 5

Rocky Ramon (Pearsall, Texas)

There's a rattling from the exhaust system. Does he need to replace it? Or can he put some straight pipe in its place?

Call 6

Amy Johnson (Chicago, Illinois)

The car won't pass emissions. Should she keep it? And if it's time to dump, she's too attached. Wants it to go to a good home.

Call 7

Joe Grand (Sankray Beach, Minnesota)

Joe gets a shock every time he gets out of his car. Is it his pants? He's a pizza delivery guy.

Call 8

Maria Sierra (Hartford, Connecticut)

The brake pedal pulses. Her husband changed the brake pads but it didn't help.

Call 9

Wendy Levitus (Burlington, Vermont)

Clutch pedal is getting stuck. She has to pull the pedal up with her hand. This only happens to her and not her boyfriend.