Show Rundown

#0505: Honey, You're an Idiot!

Original Air Date: 01.30.2005
Show Open Topic

Ray shares a snow storm horror story, and he's publicly shamed for taking his wife to the beach during a blizzard.

Call 1

Jan (Mojave Desert, California)

Jan's car was in a flood. What should she do?

Call 2

Carly (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

The car makes a clicking sound when turning the wheel and accelerating.

Call 3

Bruce (Everett, Massachusetts)

Is it safe to coast to a stop as a gas-saving measure?

Call 4

Brigitte (Anchorage, Alaska)

Brigitte's a former pilot and she's looking for an RV to live in.

Call 5

Becky (Seattle, Washington)

What happens when you leave a puppy in the car for thirteen minutes unsupervised?

Call 6

Greg (Trumansburg, New York)

Greg's truck has no breaks when it's cold out.

Call 7

Susan (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Does she need to shovel snow off her car is she's not going to drive it but leave it parked for a while?