Show Rundown

#0506: Cat Smack Down!

Original Air Date: 02.05.2005
Show Open Topic

A call for nominations: Cars that got a visit from the Ugly Fairy.

Call 1

Marni Roddick (Salem, Oregon) - Subaru Baja

Tires... her cat uses the tires as a scratching post.

Call 2

Sean Scanlan (Iowa City, Iowa) - Mercury

Should he keep or dump this heap? He recently replaced brakes, muffler, and in a new tranny and engine, but now it's hard shifting and the check engine light is on. He's got a 5 month old baby. Should he invest money in this heap or buy a new Rav 4?

Call 3

Marguerite Garthwaithe (, Maine)

The dealer recommends she gets a fuel injection power-flush every 15k miles, costs $75. Is this a rip off?

Call 4

Becky Dunker (, Indiana) - 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

The tranny makes a rachety sound when backing up. Does not make this when going forward.

Call 5

Fay Stein (Hazelton, Pennsylvania) - Dodge

Engine... stalls on left hand turns. Starts up again, but only after she straightens the wheel!

Call 6

Skip (, New York) - 1994 Toyota 4Runner

Driving... where should he put tire chains on a 4-wheel drive car?

Call 7

Michael Bierman (, California) - Honda CR-V

Brakes question: His father-in-law says not to use the emergency brake or it will cause uneven cooling and warp the cylinder on disc brakes. True?

Call 8

Annie O'Shea (Eugene, Oregon) - 1987 Honda Civic

Annie's in the market for a new car. She has 27 drums and needs to transport them a lot. Should she get a mini van? Which vehicle will best carry her equipment?