Show Rundown

#0508: Shut Up You Guys, I Love My Yugo!

Original Air Date: 02.20.2005
Show Open Topic

The male brain and its propensity for extremes: brilliance and incompetence.

Call 1

Alana (Detroit, Michigan) - 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

The car won't shift out of park.

Call 2

Tony (Bowling Green, Ohio) - 1993 Ford Explorer

Tony's Explorer is losing gas mileage.

Call 3

Louella (Rome, Georgia)

Should she teach her teenagers to drive a manual transmission?

Call 4

Grace (Grant's Pass, Oregon) - 1998 Honda Civic

There's a metallic click when she accelerates.

Call 5

Brian (Ocean City, Maryland) - Yugo Cabrio

Father Brian calls in defense of his beloved Yugo!

Call 6

Dana (Berkeley, California)

She's looking for a two-seater car with airbags.

Call 7

Denise (Wareham, Massachusetts)

Her car's leaking oil, but later stopped. Can a leaky seal fix itself?

Call 8

Pershant (, Virginia) - 1991 Toyota Corolla

His new wife might not like his damaged old car.

Call 9

Deborah (Tucson, Arizona) - 1956 Lincoln Continental

The car was donated for charity. What does she do with it?