Show Rundown

#0516: An Upgrade Made in Heaven

Original Air Date: 04.16.2005
Show Open Topic

Some 'hysterical' historically revisionist jokes.

Call 1

Charity (Portland, Maine)


Call 2

Joe (Middlebury, Connecticut)

Do I really need to replace the gas cap?

Call 3

Brian (Charity's fianc?) (Portland, Maine)

More juice on Charity's road trip with mom and sweetheart.

Call 4

Briggs (Marblehead, Massachusetts)

Can I retrofit it with duel brakes?

Call 5

Jessica (Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina)

Shakes when idling with brake on.

Call 6

Morris (Nashville, Tennessee)

How often should I change the oil?

Call 7

Andrea (Tucon, Arizona)

Looking for a home mechanic-friendly car.

Call 8

Kim (Nyack, New York)

How do you sell a lemon ethically?

Call 9

Jeff (Newport Beach, California)

The Freeway Manifesto.

Call 10

Tracy (Portland, )

Need a non-weenie cup holder.