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#0517: The Atomic Wedgie!

Original Air Date: 04.23.2005
Show Open Topic

A new addition to the dictionary: wedgie.

Call 1

Jodi (Tempe, Arizona) - 2003 Toyota Camry

Gurgles just after starting.

Call 2

Evan (Los Angeles, California) - 1997 Jeep Cherokee

Getting shocked by the car.

Call 3

Celeste (Dover, New Hampshire) - Volkswagen

The car smells like fuel when its over half full.

Call 4

Elizabeth (Seattle, Washington) - 1994 Nissan Altima


Call 5

Phil (Hamilton, New Jersey) - 2003 Saturn Ion

Clunking on front left wheel well over bumps. Tom tells his story of the wheels falling off on his car.

Call 6

Caitlin (Oceanside, California) - 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Stalls when stopped at traffic lights.

Call 7

Dan (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 1998 Toyota Camry

Feedback in gas pedal when turning left.

Call 8

Dave (San Antonio, Texas) - 1997 Ford Taurus

Was I overcharged for a valve cleaning?

Call 9

Kelie (Boston, Massachusetts) - Subaru Legacy

Looking to buy a hydrogen car?