Show Rundown

#0523: Et Tu, Brutus?

Original Air Date: 06.04.2005
Show Open Topic

Wacko mail from listeners.

Call 1

Rocky (Strasburg, Pennsylvania) - 1990 Ford Festiva

There's oil in the radiator. Someone told him its a blown head gasket but it's been like that for 3 years!

Call 2

Jeanne Blakeslee (Baltimore, Maryland) - 1998 Volkswagen Passat

The ABS are gone on her daughter's car. Is it still safe to drive? It'll be $2500 to fix. Or should she switch cars with her daughter?

Call 3

Urs (Los Altos, California) - 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Windshield wipers don't park at the bottom anymore.

Call 4

Lisa (High Point, North Carolina) - 1995 Toyota Corolla

Motor mounts are wearing out. Dealer says it only causes a noise issue. Brother says it's a big problem. Who's right?

Call 5

Imran (San Francisco, California) - 1990 Ford Taurus

There's smoke coming in from the heating vents and leaving a deposit on the windshield. He smells burning oil but can't find a leak.

Call 6

Sidonie (Miami, Florida) - 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara

There's a white powder on top of the battery. The guy at Jiffy Lube told her to pour Coke on it. Nuts?

Call 7

Ben (Seattle, Washington) - 1992 Infiniti Q45

When curving to right and over a bumpy area... the car will float to left or right like it's on gravel. Front of the car floats or slides. local mechanic replaced some rods but didnt help.

Call 8

Chrystal Lynn (Rock Hill, South Carolina) - 2004 Ford Explorer

She's hearing a loud noise when the windows are down.

Call 9

Matt (Plainfield, Connecticut)

He can't get the smell of old gas off his hands. He's a backyard mechanic.