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#0532: When Your Husband Is a Cheapskate!

Original Air Date: 08.06.2005
Show Open Topic

Tom reads a letter from a guy who lost an argument over garage space.

Call 1

Tyne (Dallas, Texas) - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Groaning from back when accelerating and turning to left.

Call 2

Tim (Hollis, New Hampshire) - BMW

Tim is losing his BMW -- needs a remote beeper.

Call 3

Shannon (Allentown, Pennsylvania) - 1991 Nissan Pickup

Leaking oil through rear main seal -- should he fix it himself?

Call 4

Jason (Oakdale, Minnesota) - 1980 Dodge Pickup

Won't start, but sometimes runs backwards if he puts gas in the carburetor.

Call 5

Heidi (Chicago, Illinois) - 1995 Dodge Neon

Husband doesn't want to get rid of car.

Call 6

Kim (San Francisco, California) - 1999 Subaru Impreza

Loses power in first and second gears.

Call 7

Sam (Danwolf, Virginia) - 1999 Honda Odyssey

Wobbles at about 80 mph.

Call 8

Gail (Salt Lake City, Utah) - Buick

Looking for an old VW Beetle, but wants heat and AC.