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#0540: In Search of the Perfect Nun-Mobile

Original Air Date: 10.01.2005
Show Open Topic

What kind of car would a nun drive? Sister Paula confesses she wants a Mustang, even though all the other sisters drive a Ford Focus. Tom offers a reverent “habit package."

Call 1

Kurt (Raleigh, North Carolina) - 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

What's the best air-conditioner recharge kit to buy?

Call 2

Don (Phoenix, Arizona) - 2000 Chrysler 300M

Low groan when approaching stop. Grating feeling under feet.

Call 3

Peter (Palo Alto, California) - 1990 Volvo XC70

Interior gets hot -- what's the best way to cool it down?

Call 4

Micah (Huntington, New York) - 2003 MINI Cooper

Hissing noise goes away when foot on brake.

Call 5

Lori (Lexington, Kentucky) - 2005 Honda Accord

Left it running for over 24 hours.

Call 6

Jim (Redding, California) - 1992 Toyota Pickup

Engine blown after towing it in gear.

Call 7

Jessica (Maplewood, New Jersey) - Buick

Needs an island car for an island with no electricity.

Call 8

Jimmy (New Orleans, Louisiana) - Buick

Gas gauge falls to empty after filling it up.

Call 9

Lindsay (Claymont, Delaware) - Buick

Should you leave your car running at the supermarket to avoid engine wear from starting it?