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#0541: I Got a Visit From the Car Alarm Fairy!

Original Air Date: 10.08.2005
Show Open Topic

A new way to fill your tank up real cheap: fill it with bricks!

Call 1

Sally (Northville, Michigan) - 1993 Lincoln Continental

Air suspension pump is weak.

Call 2

Damond (Mt. Vernon, Washington) - 1989 Ford F150

Truck won't start.

Call 3

Christine (Watertown, Massachusetts) - 1996 Toyota Camry

Brakes screech after car sits at parking lot all day.

Call 4

Madeleine (Bethel, Connecticut) - Nissan Sentra

Can multiple drivers ruin the clutch on a standard transmission?

Call 5

Aaron (Seattle, Washington) - Buick

Engine running rougly, and smoke pouring out the back.

Call 6

Denise (Windsor, California) - Buick

Looking for a small single's car -- something attractive.

Call 7

Kelly (Monroe, New York) - 2002 Volkswagen Passat

Needs two new catalytic converters: what happened?

Call 8

Robert (Topeka, Kansas) - 1998 Dodge Caravan

Loses power steering when braking.

Call 9

Caroline (Lilburn, Georgia) - 1995 Saturn SL

Car alarm goes off when I put the key in the trunk.