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#0543: A Few Choice Words

Original Air Date: 10.22.2005
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Linguistic anthropology: Little words with big definitions.

Call 1

Julia (Portland, Maine) - 1996 Ford Aspire

Engine sputters and dies when coming to a stop.

Call 2

Charles (Taos, New Mexico) - 1980 Ford F150

Squeaks when accelerating.

Call 3

Gianna (Boulder, Colorado) - Audi

Humming from rear passenger side.

Call 4

Brian (Thermopolis, Wyoming) - 1985 Toyota Tercel

Blue smoke from exhaust.

Call 5

Chrissy (Seattle, Washington) - 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Engine screeches when cold and accelerating.

Call 6

Carter (Bath, Maine) - 1999 Subaru Forester

What does it mean to "ride the clutch"?

Call 7

Tina (Denver, Colorado) - 2000 Hyundai Sonata

Lurches when accelerating, engine light on.

Call 8

Juan (Baltimore, Maryland) - 1985 GMC Jimmy

How much damage can you do by crassing poles in a jump?

Call 9

Barry (Saratoga Springs, New York) - MINI Cooper

Will a Mini Cooper do okay in the snow?