Show Rundown

#0544: Work Less, Sleep More

Original Air Date: 10.29.2005
Show Open Topic

Plan for “daily savings time”: set clocks ahead every day just before quitting time, and add an hour while sleeping.

Call 1

Katie (Washington, District Of Columbia) - Volkswagen

Parking brake creaks.

Call 2

Lynn (Santa Rosa, California) - 1995 Toyota Corolla

Won't start -- only clicks when turning the key.

Call 3

Neera (Bath, Maine) - Buick

Does it save gas to draft in the slipstream behind an 18-wheeler?

Call 4

Dania (Newton, Massachusetts) - 1992 Toyota Camry

Keys fell out while it was still running.

Call 5

Jessie (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 2002 Audi A6

Steering wheel groans while turning.

Call 6

Anne (Kansas City, Kansas) - Buick

Looking for a classic MG -- should I get a Miata?

Call 7

Alicia (Seattle, Washington) - 1985 Nissan Sentra

Idles low, and stalls at stops.

Call 8

Rick (PIttsburg, Pennsylvania) - 2002 Toyota Corolla

Pulling to the right after rim replacement and re-alignment.

Call 9

Mary (Culver, Indiana) - Buick

SHould you roll down the windows to get rid of an odor that comes from outside the car?