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#0545: Is That a Ferret in Your Pants?

Original Air Date: 11.05.2005
Show Open Topic

A story about a ferret that runs up a talk show host’s pant leg on live TV.

Call 1

Mary (Largemont, New York) - 2003 Toyota Camry

Steering column quacks.

Call 2

Greg (Teaneck, New York) - 1991 Ford F150

Got a clutch job -- shifter rolls to right in lower gears.

Call 3

Pia (Cross River, New York) - 2000 Saab 9-3

Brakes smake a funny sound coming to a stop.

Call 4

Joel (Grand Rapids, Michigan) - 2000 Dodge Neon

Accelerates roughly -- stutters in low gears.

Call 5

Hoppy (Bethel, Alaska) - Buick

Start bad?

Call 6

Deborah (Grosse Ile, Michigan) - Buick

Should you only put in a few gallons of gas at a time?

Call 7

Laura (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts) - 2002 Ford Ranger

At lower speeds, sounds like the Three Stooges are under the car.

Call 8

Heidi (Thousand Oaks, California) - 1992 Honda Civic

Looking for a bigger new car to replace old one. What one to keep?

Call 9

Mike (Mill City, Oregon) - 1981 Chevrolet Pickup

Son driving behicles into the ground.