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#0547: My Son In-Law Is an Ingrate!

Original Air Date: 11.19.2005
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Men and women laugh at different cartoons. Women must decide if something’s funny, but men laugh more quickly – doesn’t take a lot of analysis to know that getting poked in the eye is funny.

Call 1

Sarah (Woodbury, Connecticut) - Buick

Should I open windows to reduce the effect of cross winds?

Call 2

Jean (Santa Barbara, California) - 1988 Volvo 240

Dog kibble in the heater vents.

Call 3

Tom (N. Caldwell, New Jersey) - 2003 Subaru Outback

Bad smell when backing into garage.

Call 4

Ron (Indian Hills, Colorado) - 1991 Mercury Capri

Does it need a "mountain tune up"?

Call 5

Colleen (Ethan Rapids, Michigan) - Buick

Looking for a nostalgic vehicle for mobile advertising.

Call 6

Mitchell (Elkhart, Indiana) - 1995 Ford Thunderbird

Shakes violently when braking at high speeds.

Call 7

Randall (Charleston, South Carolina) - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Metallic rattling sound from the rear.

Call 8

Erin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 2001 Toyota Matrix

Clutch bad, chirps after shifting.

Call 9

Rich (Morristown, New Jersey) - Buick

How do I get rid of my 1971 Bricklin?