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#0548: Road Rage Explained

Original Air Date: 11.26.2005
Show Open Topic

Theories about why there’s no road rage in Italy - Italians are obsessed with speed, and Americans are obsessed with time.

Call 1

Susan (Clinton, Massachusetts) - 1999 Kia Sportage

Makes a ticking sound for the first five minutes after starting.

Call 2

Pete (Birmingham, Alabama) - 1990 Toyota Corolla

Clutch makes a whining sound in low gear when going down hills.

Call 3

Nissan (Chicago, Illinois) - 2005 Subaru Impreza

When she parks the car, she puts the car in park after turning off the car. Does it hurt anything to put the car in park after shutting the car off?

Call 4

Michael (Seattle, Washington) - Buick

Car swamped by the Pacific Ocean.

Call 5

Ann (Cherry HIll, New Jersey) - 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Car getting louder when accelerating.

Call 6

Tom (Briscoe, Texas) - Buick

Choosing between a BMW 750, Audi A8 and Mercedes 2007 S.

Call 7

Murali (Dallas, Texas) - 1995 Honda Civic

Car makes a strange sound, even when the car is off.

Call 8

Liz (Amesbury, Massachusetts) - Buick

How do I cure myself of backseat driving?