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#0549: Holy Mackerel

Original Air Date: 12.03.2005
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When (and possibly when not) to honk your horn if driving in Egypt.

Call 1

Tiia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 1996 Ford Ranger

Automatic transmission takes a while to engage after ignition.

Call 2

Liz (Dallas, Texas) - 1996 Lexus LS 400

Makes noises after car is turned off.

Call 3

Jeff (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1993 Toyota Corolla

Should he trade it for his uncle's '86 Toyota 4Runner?

Call 4

Mark (Alexandria, Virginia) - 1999 Toyota Camry

Can an alternator be "mostly dead"?

Call 5

Kerry (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 2000 Toyota Prius

Is it dangerous to leave a Prius running in the garage?

Call 6

Mark (Sacramento, California) - 1999 Ford Taurus

How do I get the smell of canned mackerel out of my air vents?

Call 7

Mark (Ft. Collins, Ohio) - 1994 Nissan Quest

Losing power up hills, and stinks of gas.

Call 8

Robert (Ypsilanti, Michigan) - 2003 Pontiac Vibe

Standard transmission had to be replaced after 86,000 miles. Why?

Call 9

Karen (El Dorado HIlls, California) - Buick

Looking for a safe vehicle for her teen.