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#0550: Car Talk: The Demolition Edition

Original Air Date: 12.10.2005
Show Open Topic

New words that should be in the dictionary. Like snotcicle and stupiphany.

Call 1

Michael (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1991 Mazda Mazda6

Smells bad -- cooked gas and oil smell.

Call 2

Reverend Dave (Atlantic CIty, New Jersey) - 1998 BMW 528

Key won't come out of the ignition.

Call 3

Ellen (Norwich, Connecticut) - Buick

Husband won't use windshield wipers or defroster.

Call 4

Shayna (Chicago, Illinois) - 1999 Subaru Outback

Makes metallic noises when steering right.

Call 5

Bo (Nashville, Tennessee) - Buick

Road trip: Econoline van eating up a quart of oil every 50 miles.

Call 6

Erika (Arlington, Virginia) - Buick

Looking for a new family car -- FOrd Freestyle?

Call 7

Forrest (Wayland, Massachusetts) - 2005 Honda Pilot

Why are the headrests different in front and back seats?

Call 8

Kate (Wasilla, Alaska) - 1992 Toyota Camry

Engine jerks since engine replacement and new exhaust system.

Call 9

Seth (Springville, New York) - 1977 Ford LTD

What's the best way to blow it up (for a film)?