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#0602: A Blessing on Your Oil Change, Padre

Original Air Date: 01.14.2006
Show Open Topic

A joke about a mafia don's deathbed advice to his grandson.

Call 1

Heidi (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Brakes shaky when coming to a stop.

Call 2

Vinny (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

When does a cracked windshield need to be replaced?

Call 3

Sonya (Copple, Texas)

SUV or Minivan for big family?

Call 4

Rupa (Dayton, Ohio)

Car squeals when pulling out of office parking lot. Stumped! Tom and Ray ask all the right questions, and get all the wrong answers.

Call 5

Anonymous (Portland, Oregon)

Suspects boss hits bumper in the parking lot, and wants tactical advice.

Call 6

Catherine (Southgate, Michigan)

Steering wheel control buttons get hot on long trips.

Call 7

Rob (Argyle, Texas)

Why is the dealership charging so much for an oil change?

Call 8

Nancy (Bonner's Ferry, Idaho)

Needs winter front-wheel driving advice.