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#0603: New Baby Names

Original Air Date: 01.21.2006
Show Open Topic

Automotive baby names.

Call 1

Corinne (Radford, Virginia) - 2000 Nissan Sentra

Smoke is pouring out of dashboard vents.

Call 2

Rubin (Queens, New York) - 1995 Toyota Camry

Engine rattles when starting up a hill.

Call 3

Martha (Acton, Massachusetts) - Audi A6

Do I need to keep gas tank half full in cold weather?

Call 4

Erin (Silver Spring, Maryland) - 2002 Subaru Impreza

How do I get spilled beads out of my car.

Call 5

Ed (Johnson CIty, Tennessee) - Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine pinging, oil pressure high, and belching blue smoke.

Call 6

Elisabeth (Yonkers, New York) - 1996 Toyota Corolla

Making a squealing noise -- should I change the timing belt?

Call 7

Bob (Santa Rosa, California) - Ford Mustang

Battery never been changed - how long can it go?

Call 8

Bethany (Fridley, Minnesota) - 1999 Mercury Villager

Gas pedal sticks, and car sometimes accelerates without warning.

Call 9

Patrick (Naples, Florida) - Chevrolet Malibu

Will the difference in gas octane cause problems when he brings it to England?