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#0605: Batting 1.000

Original Air Date: 02.04.2006
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Quotes heard in boardroom meetings.

Call 1

Paul (Wetumpka, Alabama) - 1992 GMC Pickup

Smells like antifreeze after it runs for a while.

Call 2

Tracy (Buffalo, New York) - 2004 Honda Civic

Windows fog up when defroster is on.

Call 3

Tony (Hiram, Georgia) - Buick

How do I convince my wife NOT to buy an SUV?

Call 4

Mona (Sunnydale, California) - 2001 Volvo V70

Front driver's side wheel wears out faster than others.

Call 5

Dave (Cornwall, New York) - 1993 Saab 900

Wife washed it with a kitchen scouring pad - can the scratches be buffed out?

Call 6

Kara (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) - Buick

Both headlights blown out at the same time.

Call 7

Will (Flagstaff, Arizona) - 1991 Toyota 4Runner

Gas mileage dropping.

Call 8

Elizabeth (Elizabeth, Tennessee) - 2000 Volkswagen Van

Mushrooms growing out of floorboards!

Call 9

Steve (, New Jersey) - Buick

Is there a connection between bad health and people who take good care of their cars?