Show Rundown

#0609: Let's Get Personal

Original Air Date: 03.04.2006
Show Open Topic

Personal questions from listeners. Who’s a better cook? What were their grade point averages at MIT? Why does Tommy get sprayed down with Febreeze when he comes into the studio?

Call 1

Georgia (Annandale, New York) - 1991 Volvo 240

Engine sometimes lurches at stoplights.

Call 2

Gary (West Glacier, Montana) - 2000 Ford Ranger

Rear brakes freeze up in cold conditions.

Call 3

Tina (San Francisco, California) - 1998 Honda CR-V

Car rolled onto roof on highway - could a flat tire be to blame?

Call 4

Kirk (Prescott, Arizona) - Mazda

Should I put a new clutch in it and drive it to Costa Rica?

Call 5

Connie (Traska, Minnesota) - 2005 Toyota Corolla

Somtimes there's a rotten egg smell when opening the door.

Call 6

Shawn (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - Volkswagen

SHould he put his baby in the back seat?