Show Rundown

#0614: I Broke the Boss' Car!

Original Air Date: 04.08.2006
Show Open Topic

Less-than-complimentary online ad submissions for the Chevy Tahoe.

Call 1

Tyndall (Houston, New York) - 1998 Honda Civic

Throttle sticking at high speeds.

Call 2

Kevin (Meridan, New Hampshire) - Buick

Got a quarter stuck in his boss's seatbelt.

Call 3

Anna (Portland, Maine) - 1998 Ford Ranger

Makes a high-pitched sound when it rains.

Call 4

Nancy (Auburn, New Hampshire) - Volkswagen

Brake rotors have rusted from lack of use.

Call 5

Dan (Los Angeles, California) - 1993 Toyota Camry

Windows and door locks don't work after battery replacement.

Call 6

Tina (Viand, Oregon) - 2001 GMC Jimmy

Heat selector switch makes noise and doesn't work.

Call 7

Jennifer (Davis, California) - 1997 Subaru Outback

Makes squealing sound when it starts.

Call 8

Ian (Rochester, New York) - 1997 Mazda Pickup

Used chainsaw fuel to fix click valves.

Call 9

Anne Marie (Seattle, Washington) - Buick

Does a car use more gas at 80pmph than at 50mph?