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#0616: Breaking Up Is Fun to Do

Original Air Date: 04.22.2006
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Dictionary definition of “wedgie.”

Call 1

Jodie (Pentie, Arizona) - 2003 Toyota Camry

Heater makes a gurgling sound when going around corners.

Call 2

Evan (Los Angeles, California) - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Gets static shock every time he gets out of the car.

Call 3

Celeste (Dover, New Hampshire) - Volkswagen

Smells like fuel when filling gas tank.

Call 4

Elisabeth (Seattle, Washington) - 1994 Nissan Altima

Doesn't start after stalling.

Call 5

Andy (Louisville, Colorado) - 2006 Toyota Prius

Should you avoid turning the wheel when the car is stopped?

Call 6

Krista (Tacoma, Maryland) - 1995 Subaru Legacy

Sounds like a blender.

Call 7

Bilray (Phoenix, Arizona) - 1973 Cadillac Seville

Car won't start after running propane grills all day off the car's tank.

Call 8

Kevin (Prairie Village, Kansas) - 2001 Chrysler Voyager

Airbag indicator light turns on when making sharp turns

Call 9

Lorie (Decatur, Georgia) - 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Leaking water on floorboards.