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#0617: The Rumble Strip Boogie

Original Air Date: 04.29.2006
Show Open Topic

Musical rumble strips.

Call 1

Kate (Bennington, Vermont) - 1999 Volkswagen Golf

New clutch -- now car jerks at clower speeds.

Call 2

Norma (Sandston, Virginia) - 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Shakes at 50-55mph.

Call 3

Chuck (Washington, District Of Columbia) - Buick

Wants to buy 2006 Honda Civic. Should he pay $3000 extra for navigation system?

Call 4

Duke (Chicago, Illinois) - 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier

After driving for 20 minutes, car shakes violently then shuts off. After it cools down it drives again.

Call 5

Peter (Groton, Connecticut) - Buick

Success! The exhaust system they recommended was as loud as he wants.

Call 6

Elee (Indianapolic, Indiana) - 1999 Honda Civic

SHould she pay to have AC put in or buy another car?

Call 7

Britney (Denver, Colorado) - 1985 BMW 325

Car makes noise and shakes at stoplights?

Call 8

Josh (Chicago, Illinois) - 1999 Toyota Corolla

Concrete spalshed onto his car from construction site.

Call 9

Shannon (Falls Church, Virginia) - Buick

Needs flashy but reliable new car.