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#0619: Brake Jobs: The Way to a Woman's Heart

Original Air Date: 05.13.2006
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Possible names for the new line of Wal-Mart wine.

Call 1

Caroline (Burlington, Vermont) - 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

Penny stuck in the steering wheel.

Call 2

John (San Antonio, Texas) - Ford

Rumbles at about 40 mph.

Call 3

Katie (Greensboro, North Carolina) - 2000 Mazda Protege

Loud screeching at high speeds.

Call 4

Nancy (Rose Valley, Pennsylvania) - 2001 Mercury Sable

Looking for an AWD.

Call 5

Bryan (Lionel Lakes, Minnesota) - 1989 Toyota Cressida

Head gasket leaking two years after replacing it himself.

Call 6

Julie (Farmington Hills, Michigan) - Buick

Own a 2000 VW Gold and a 2001 Ford Focus, which one should theyd ump?

Call 7

Mike (Hillsborough, Oregon) - Buick

How does the rear view mirror's night vision switch work?

Call 8

Sarah (Lexington, Massachusetts) - 1998 Honda Civic

Passenger side air vents tweets.

Call 9

Eric (Evanston, Illinois) - 1985 Toyota MR2

Hydraulic clutch lacks pressure, but still works.

Call 10

Alice (Tempe, Arizona) - 1990 Ford Mustang

Should my daughter be allowed to drive it?