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#0626: It's a Long Way to Hunga-Dunga

Original Air Date: 07.01.2006
Show Open Topic

What Vinny the Nose has to say about the possible demise of the Lincoln Town car.

Call 1

Adam (Chicago, Illinois) - 2000 Jeep Wrangler

Shakes violently at 65 mph.

Call 2

Steve (Denver, Colorado) - 1993 Chrysler Town & Country

Sudden stalling while moving.

Call 3

Terra (Alexander, Virginia) - Buick

Looking for a 4wd truck that's good for the beach.

Call 4

Dee Dee (Nashville, Tennessee) - 2003 MINI Cooper

Engine has to warm up in the morning.

Call 5

Lila (Greenville, South Carolina) - 1998 Honda Civic

Timing belt and left CV joint needs to be replaced.

Call 6

Jay (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania) - 1995 Volvo 850

Speedometer quits working intermittently.

Call 7

Henry (Brooklyn, New York) - Buick

Just blew out the 33rd tire.

Call 8

Anna (South Lake Tahoe, California) - 1998 Toyota RAV4

Trouble getting it into first, and stalls.

Call 9

Howard (Randolph, Massachusetts) - Buick

How do you keep a mattress from flying off the roof?