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#0628: The Pinkwater Tuchus

Original Air Date: 07.15.2006
Show Open Topic

Size of American butts. Seating standards are... stretching. Need another measurement? Let's call it "the Pinkwater"... after Daniel Pinkwater.

Call 1

Mary (Greely, Colorado)

Car taking a lot of coolant.

Call 2

Rick (Simpson, Kansas)

Burning up the valves.

Call 3

Daniel Pinkwater (, )

Call 4

Angie (Mt Pleasant, Michigan)

Gas mileage drops during the winter.

Call 5

Daniel (Warrensburg, Missouri)

Car shakes and stalls after running hot.

Call 6

Nancy (Perkinsville, Vermont)

Voles eating garden. Car exhaust device can be used to kill them off.

Call 7

Ed (Boston, Massachusetts)

Sounds like exhaust fell off and was dragging while in reverse.

Call 8

Sandy (Orlando, Florida)

Screeching sound from belts.

Call 9

Deana (Dublin, Ohio)

Husband obsessed about mid-life crisis car.