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#0630: Love, Rust and a Little More "Hey, Watch This!"

Original Air Date: 07.29.2006
Show Open Topic

How not to profess your love.

Call 1

George (Parker, Colorado) - 1986 Ford F150

Stalling, seems like vapor lock.

Call 2

Marie (Arlington, Virginia) - 1990 Honda Accord

Key sometimes won't come out when in park.

Call 3

Bruce (New York, New York) - 1993 Chrysler Concorde

Battery died in the cemetery.

Call 4

Hendi (, North Carolina) - 1993 Ford Escort

Front tires thumping while decelerating.

Call 5

Tracy (Olympia, Washington)

Clutch went out.

Call 6

Bruce (Orlando, Florida) - 1990 Lincoln Town Car

Paint is coming off in sheets.

Call 7

Eric (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 1995 Dodge Intrepid

Front crank seal leaking.

Call 8

Amanda (Kirkland, Washington) - Buick

Two parking spaces, four cars.