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#0634: If You Do Nothing, How Do You Know When You're Finished?

Original Air Date: 08.26.2006
Show Open Topic

Various car accidents and the employees who have them.

Call 1

Stephanie (Los Angeles, California) - 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Purge tank broken.

Call 2

Jeremy (Baltimore, Maryland) - 1997 Honda Accord

Noise from exhaust after it sat for a month.

Call 3

Sally (West Lafayette, Indiana) - Buick

Is it a good idea to draft behind a semi?

Call 4

Brian (Birmingham, Alabama) - Mercedes-Benz

Rattling coming from under the car.

Call 5

Kay (Golden, Colorado) - 2000 Subaru Forester

Lack of power at high elevations.

Call 6

Jeff (Budd Lake, New Jersey) - Buick

Mechanic looking for customer service advice.

Call 7

Rebecca (Burlington, Vermont) - 1996 Subaru Outback

Clicks like a fishing rod when braking.

Call 8

Rubin (Hollywood, California) - 1998 Nissan Maxima

Burning oil and emits white smoke in the morning.

Call 9

Mary (Arlington, Virginia) - Buick

Needs a safe car for her duaghter. Side curtain airbags?