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#0635: Tom, Ray...And A Few Haiku?!

Original Air Date: 09.02.2006
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Automotive Haiku.

Call 1

Leigh (Lexington, Kentucky) - 2000 Dodge Caravan

Feels bumpy when braking.

Call 2

Steve (Amherst, Massachusetts) - 1983 Eagle Summit

Passinger side mirror twitches when turning.

Call 3

Sheri (Eugene, Oregon) - Jeep

Has to jiggle shifter to start car.

Call 4

Lear (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 2001 Toyota ECHO

Is it OK to do a South Philly Slide (rolling stop) in second gear?

Call 5

Deborah (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1990 Audi 80

When is it time to retire a car?

Call 6

Rory (Burton, Ohio) - 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Lawn tractor ran out of gas -- tried to siphon out of car. Have they made new cars siphon-proof?

Call 7

Gloria (Las Cruces, New Mexico) - 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Loud noise on sharp turn - usually left turn.

Call 8

Sam (Scranton, Pennsylvania) - Volkswagen

Needs to keep father from taking car apart.