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#0636: The Great Mile Marker Conspiracy

Original Air Date: 09.09.2006
Show Open Topic

“Rest Stop closed -- Cross legs next 23 miles” and other highway signs we’d like to see.

Call 1

Rob (Festus, Missouri) - 1993 Honda Civic

Clutch feels spongy; too much play in pedal.

Call 2

Cindy (Girdwood, Alaska) - Buick

Strange-smelling liquid on dipstick -- like fuel.

Call 3

Ralph (Port Washington, New York) - 1994 Plymouth Voyager

Going around corner, interior lights go on and off and door locks click, especially on hot days.

Call 4

Brian (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1996 Honda Civic

Right blinker going twice as fast as usual -- makes him anxious.

Call 5

Samantha (Portland, Oregon) - Buick

Gas station attendant forgot to remove nozzle from tank; now station wants $900 for pump repair.

Call 6

Mike (Bozeman, Montana) - 1999 BMW 540

Was timing self between mile markers and found speedometer is off. Are Montana mile markers off in order to slow down drivers? Maybe he should put up own mile markers.

Call 7

Kate (Little Elm, Texas) - 1995 Chevrolet Pickup

Let cousin replace brake pads; brakes have progressively gotten worse. Can feel air coming up from below brake pedal. Does cousin have something against her?

Call 8

Eric (Los Angeles, California) - 1987 Cadillac DeVille

Sometimes accelerator goes straight to floor and sticks.

Call 9

Anne (Bend, Oregon) - Buick Park Avenue

Loves comfortable seat but is considering AWD car for winter driving.