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#0637: Bogutissimo!

Original Air Date: 09.16.2006
Show Open Topic

New derivations of the word bogus.

Call 1

Jennifer (Seattle, Washington) - 2001 Volkswagen Golf

Squeaking when turning left.

Call 2

John (Huntington Beach, California) - Volkswagen

Fuel gauge not moving.

Call 3

Johanna (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1993 Ford Escort

Car died after a valve popped and pierced the engine.

Call 4

Rolf (Portland, Oregon) - 2000 Chevrolet Metro

Slipping out of fifth gear.

Call 5

Gina (Washington, District Of Columbia) - Volkswagen

Sold it.

Call 6

Ari (Denver, Colorado) - 2003 Subaru Outback

Making a springy noise from the front end when turning.

Call 7

Linda (Overland Park, Kansas) - 1998 Ford Ranger

Why are more cars having their gas tanks on the left side than the right side?

Call 8

Rob (, Indiana) - 1996 Mercury Sable

Dripping fluid from muffler.

Call 9

Candy (Bar Harbor, Maine) - 1996 Subaru Outback

Gear shift bogged down.