Show Rundown

#0638: Say Tommy...What's That On Your Shoe?

Original Air Date: 09.23.2006
Show Open Topic

CD Release Announcement, and a story about Tommy's dog poop/fried chicken incident.

Call 1

Janie (, Arizona) - 2002 Nissan Xterra

Having issues with throwout bearing, whines when in 1st, and also clutch clicks in and out.

Call 2

Dennison (Colorado Springs, Colorado) - 1995 Oldsmobile Achieva

As he was driving, a screw dropping into his lap from underneath the steering wheel. Now steering wheel shifts from left to right.

Call 3

George (, Louisiana) - 2002 Lincoln Navigator

Using two gallons of water a day. No leaks, no white exhaust out of the tailpipe.

Call 4

Erin (, Pennsylvania) - 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

When idling and AC coming through vents, can smell gas in the cabin.

Call 5

Tad (, Maine) - 2000 Saturn L

Has hydraulic clutch, if he drives over 70mph the clutch looses pressure.

Call 6

Ross (, New York) - Buick

Getting a new car for his wife to drive. Should he dump the 96 Saturn SCI or the 98 VW Beetle?

Call 7

Chris (Saranac Lake, New York) - 1996 Subaru Legacy

During winter, car smelled funny and heater made strange film on the windshield.

Call 8

Martha (, Oregon) - 1990 Toyota Pickup

She was told she needs to change her timing chain after 100K. Is this true?

Call 9

Monica (Mobile, Alabama) - 1995 Jeep Cherokee

Wants a new car that will help her get a man.