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#0639: In Oatmeal We Trust. Maybe.

Original Air Date: 09.30.2006
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The 'check wallet' light.

Call 1

Alison (Dayton, Ohio) - 1997 Toyota Avalon

Back passenger door no longer opens from inside or outside.

Call 2

Jose (Chicago, Illinois) - 1994 Subaru Legacy

Wants to replace valve cover gasket. Can he do this himself?

Call 3

Nancy (Parker, Colorado) - Buick

Buying a car for a college freshman.

Call 4

Julie (Nevada, Missouri) - 2004 Ford Explorer

Making a whooping noise, when sitting still or moving.

Call 5

Scott (Manhattan, New York) - 2004 Volvo S60

Brought the car in for a checkup...cost $890! What did they really need to do and which were total crap?

Call 6

Lucas (, Virginia) - 2000 Ford Mustang

Friend put packing peanuts in his AC he's getting noise and bits of peants flying out.

Call 7

Theresa (Louisville, Kentucky) - 2001 Buick LeSabre

Won't come out of park.

Call 8

Jamie (Eugene, Oregon) - Jeep

Engine has a cracked head. Friend said pour oatmeal in the radiator and he could get another 100k out of the car.