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#0641: Squeaks, Creeks, Eeks-- And a Little Duct Tape

Original Air Date: 10.14.2006
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Fuel-efficient Humvee.

Call 1

Laura (Boise, Idaho) - 1993 Ford Explorer

When she puts it in 2nd, it screams for 3-5 seconds.

Call 2

James (, Maryland) - 1992 Honda Accord

Every six months it won't start. Gets it to start by popping the clutch.

Call 3

Alouette (Nelson, New Hampshire) - Honda Insight

Hearing Halloweeny moany noise in back whenever she backs up.

Call 4

Don (Media, Pennsylvania) - Buick

Has a Saab convertible. Top only goes up halfway and stays there.

Call 5

Virginia (, California) - 2001 BMW 325

How can she get her car to like her?

Call 6

Bob (Jackson, Tennessee) - 1993 Ford Tempo

When weather gets cold, has to back the car up before he can go forward.

Call 7

Greg (Prescott, Arizona) - 1991 Mazda MX-6

Stalls out in drive or park gears but okay in reverse or neutral.

Call 8

Laurie (Portland, Oregon) - Buick

Father says to leave car in gear all the time, if you're hit from behind you will stall and not continue into an intersection. Husband says that's wrong.

Call 9

Susan (, Wisconsin) - 1999 Subaru Forester

Creaks over bumps. Sounds like an old mattress.

Call 10

Matt (, Massachusetts) - 2007 Honda Fit

Looking to buy the Fit but can't find one in the Boston area. Can he fly to a different city and drive it back? Friend said he should drive a new car over 55mph for first thousand miles.