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#0642: There's No Piston Viagra?

Original Air Date: 10.21.2006
Show Open Topic

Tommy reads a joke: two old ladies in a car - but who's driving?

Call 1

Melissa O'Malley (Haverhill, Massachusetts) - 1996 Ford Explorer

Her manual transmission sometimes sticks in neutral at a stop, and then weird noxious smell fills the car, then shuts engine off and puts it in gear. Now revs on its own in low gear.

Call 2

Farhad Manjoo (San Francisco, California) - Buick

Thinking of buying a new car-- should he get a Fiat Spyder, or something more practical?

Call 3

Jane Doe (, Michigan) - 2001 Honda Odyssey

By mistake, she threw the car in park when she was going 40 mph on the highway. It's running fine. What kind of damage did she do?

Call 4

Ann Freeman (, New Jersey) - 1998 Dodge Dakota

Heating/cooling issue. When she turns on the fan or air conditoner, there's a strange whooshing sound.

Call 5

Matt Farmer (, Massachusetts) - 2006 Honda Fit

A maintenance/breaking in question. He's looking to buy this car. He can

Call 6

Oakley Howell (, California) - Volkswagen

A brake problem. He just replaced the master cylinder. As he

Call 7

Liz (Livingston, Montana) - 2004 Chrysler Sebring

The undercarriag has extremely low clearance. She goes to the mall and scrapes the bottom of her car on the speed bumps. What is she scraping? Is it dangerous?

Call 8

Kelly Stockwell (East Putney, Vermont) - 1999 Volkswagen Passat

If the car sits overnight, when its starts, it smokes like crazy. White smoke that smells like aerosol spray paint can, not like oil.

Call 9

David Allison (Chicago, Illinois) - Buick

A buying question. His mother needs a new car for her 65th birthday. She wants a car that combines 1950 Flathead Ford and a 2006 Subaru Legacy wagon. Wants manual windows, manual locks, 3 speed manual transmission, and cassette deck. Her children want an airbag and a warrantee.