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#0644: They're Giving Me Pills to Make Me Stupid... And They're Giving Them to Your Brother, Too

Original Air Date: 11.04.2006
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Can 15-year-old Madeline learn to be eccentric?

Call 1

Karl Wolf (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1994 Pontiac LeMans

Car hesitates when he puts it into drive. He brought the car from his brother-in-law. If lucky, Tom and Ray thought transmission fluid might have leaked out. If unlucky, adding the fluid won

Call 2

Abby Feinstein (, Utah) - 2001 Subaru Forester

When the car gets hot, there's the smell of cilantro from under the hood. Tom and Ray thought it might be an oil leak.

Call 3

Tom Holliday (Norfolks, Virginia) - 1996 Cadillac DeVille

With the family loaded into the car, they bottom out. Of course, they have 500 pounds in the front-- and 600 pounds of kids in the back. It's riding really low. Tom and Ray think it might be the air suspension.

Call 4

Tom Palfey (Statesboro, Georgia) - 2003 Honda CR-V

A suspension problem. When he turns the wheel to left or right, there's a loud humming sound coming from the back. It sounds like a resin bow against a bass fiddle, a very low note.

Call 5

Cliff Sondergren (, Missouri) - 1993 Ford Festiva

Cliff is losing gears in his transmission.osing gears. Tom and Ray think the transmission gears are chewed up. Tom and Ray suggested not getting a rebuilt one-- instead, get one from a junkyard.

Call 6

Dana (Swiss Home, Oregon) - Honda Odyssey

Should they get a Dodge Sprinter van for their family trips with dogs and kayaks? Or, maybe, a nice Honda Odyssey van, which can fit the kayaks on the roof, and has deactivation for fuel economy.

Call 7

Alan (Stamford, Connecticut) - 1995 Toyota Camry

Alan's having problems with his starter motor-- including the new rebuilt ones. Tom and Ray say that even rebuilt starter motors can have problems. Their suggestion? Swing for the bleachers.

Call 8

Marianne Schneider (Decatur, Georgia) - 1998 Honda CR-V

A tire and alignment question. When she makes a hard turn, Marianne hears a ghost-like noise, "errrr...errrr," in either direction. She was told that the tires are worn and she needed car aligned. True?

Call 9

Kate Kuonen-Bakhiatry (Indianapolis, Indiana) - 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

How do you kill a car? Her Chevy with 150,000 miles stinks like 10 years worth of dog. Her husband has been well maintaining it. Ray's solution: deceive husband and tell him he has to drive it because she doesn't want to, because it's scaring her with noises. Tom says just sit down and say I can