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#0646: You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Shifting

Original Air Date: 11.19.2006
Show Open Topic

An auto-medical trick that's a cure for cardiac arrest.

Call 1

Michael (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1997 Toyota Camry

heating/cooling problem. The inside of his dashboard makes a slurping sound, like when you finish up a soda. The first time he heard it was when he on an incline. Ray thought it could be a bad motor mount.

Call 2

Victor Lytenenko (Raleigh, North Dakota) - 1998 Saturn SC

Victor's got an oil problem. The oil light came on, he got an oil change... and three weeks later, it was out of oil again. He's losing a quart every 500 miles. No apparent leaks. He must be burning it. The solution? Buy a case of oil, or try one of the many fine additives!

Call 3

Sheila Ishee (Stanton, Virginia) - 1992 Buick Century

Is daddy's old car now haunted by the ghost of the old man? The locks are locking automatically. Solution? The switch on the driver's door.

Call 4

Carole Tronnes (, Minnesota) - 1997 Honda Civic

A fuel problem. She has an 11 gallon tank...but can only put 8 gallons into it. What's wrong? The gas tank might have a big dent-- or the gas gauge sending unit is broken.

Call 5

Andrew Summers (, Maryland) - Buick

Andrew's got a braking problem with his '75 British Leyland. He bled the brake lines and master cylinder. He feels like he's stopping a freight train. Tom and Ray thought he needs to replace the master cylinder.

Call 6

Julie (, Michigan) - 2007 Dodge Caliber

She's got a new job -- does Julie need all wheel drive? She commutes 60 miles per day, all highway. She's confident driving front wheel drive in the snow. Dad says she doesn't need it. The answer? It helps, so why not?

Call 7

Shelly Lesher (Richmond, Virginia) - 2006 Ford Focus

She's taking a new job and headed across the country. Should she drive-- with her husband... three dogs-- and two cats? Is she crazy? Of course! What a great adventure! Rent a big vehicle for everyone.

Call 8

John Carroll (, South Dakota) - Ford F150

lutch/driving problem. John has a guy who works for him. He drives with his foot resting on the clutch and pulls out at high rpms. Now on his 3rd clutch in six months. Wants to do an intervention to get through to him. Tom and Ray undertake the intervention on the air.