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#0647: Five Million Goats Are Fighting In There

Original Air Date: 11.26.2006
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Marital trickery 101: How to get a new car in no time, flat.

Call 1

Leslie Hollis (Saint Augustine, Florida) - 2002 Honda CR-V

Leslie thinks she's got a fuel problem. The gauge reads empty. Eventually it will start. Slow and sluggish for 5 to 10 minutes. 15 minutes of driving and the gauge will go back up to full. For a month. Does it randomly. Tom and Ray think it might be corrosion, causing a poor ground connection.

Call 2

Yassin (, Ohio) - 1993 Mazda MX-3

Could it be a suspension problem? When he shifts between first and second, he hears a gurgling noise. His neighbor replaced broken springs. Tom and Ray thought it was a CV joint that needed to be replaced.

Call 3

Oakley Howell (, California) - Volkswagen

A brake problem. He just replaced the master cylinder-- and now the brake pedal gets harders and harder to push. Tom and Ray thought it was a bad master cylinder. Were they right? No!

Call 4

Gina Corso (, Maryland) - 1994 Mazda Protege

Gina's losing acceleration. Most often on incline, small or large. Peters out. Slows from 50 to 30. Changed fuel filter, pretty clogged, but problem persists. Changed the fuel filter. Could be the fuel filter, bad air flow meter, or the catalytic converter might be plugged. If that fails? Scan the computer for codes. Last recommendation? Do nothing, until the car stops moving!

Call 5

Saul Goldstein (New York, New York) - 1999 Toyota Avalon

A tire question. Saul has less than 10k on the car. Does he have to change the tires? Do they get old just sitting around? Tom and Ray explained tire manufacturer recommendation: 6 year change interval, but thought he should just keep an eye on the tires and look for signs of cracking.

Call 6

Kelly Beard (, Oklahoma) - 2002 Volvo S40

Her brakes sound like a chirping bird. It goes away when she pushes on the brakes. What's going on? Tom and Ray thought it was the Volvo brake wear sensors.

Call 7

Elizabeth White Wolf (, Virginia) - Mazda

Liz got a new engine put in. But, brother did the work and didn't bother with motor mounts. Do they need them? Yes. They're essential, to dampen the motion of the engine.

Call 8

Rick Peak (, North Dakota) - Buick

buying.. nine kids, another one on the way. Four kids in car seats. what kind of van or whatever should they get? Full sized van is the way to go, according to Tom and Ray. Possibly a Sprinter Van.