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#0649: My Cute Left Foot

Original Air Date: 12.09.2006
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A few things about which we can all be very thankful this holiday season.

Call 1

Leslie Russo (Woodacre, California) - 1994 Volvo 940

Her engine is making a weird, screaming noise, like and alarm. It's an undulating sound, when idling in park or drive when it

Call 2

Brett Lovell (, Texas) - 1995 Ford Contour

His car overheats. He turns on heater, blows hot for a minute or less, then it goes to room temperature, and the car is still running hot. Sometimes goes over red line. Engine has a bad lifter. But only started overheating in the last month. Could be a bad fan, or a bad sensor. Tom and Ray thought he needed a new waterpump

Call 3

Andranelle Brown (Portland, Oregon) - 1993 Honda Civic

A clutch question. One out of every three times car starts bucking and lurching, fairly severely. She has to put the clutch in to get it to stop. Tom and Ray thought there might be too much free play or, more likely, a new clutch is in the cards.

Call 4

Eileen Hannan (San Jose, California) - 2000 Toyota Celica

A clutch/starting problem. She can

Call 5

Jim Shrack (South Bend, Indiana) - 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

An engine question. A backyard mechanic put in an oil pump, replaced some gaskets and put in a new timing belt-- for a great price. Now he can

Call 6

Laura Jimenez (East Lansing, Michigan) - Honda Odyssey


Call 7

Brian Bloom (Grand Canyon, Arizona) - 1000 Toyota Tacoma

Brian gets a funny propane-like smell, after getting the car back from his mechanic. He also gets a sputtering when he starts to climb a hill. Hesitation could be a dirty ejector or fouled spark plug. Ray thought he had a bad oxygen sensor.

Call 8

Kara Eastman (, Nebraska) - 2003 Toyota Prius

Kara's got a steering problem. When she starts the car, the steering wheel spins out of control. When start out. Getting better now that it

Call 9

Dave Allburn (Gloucester, Ohio) - 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

A marital conundrum. Dave and Jan live in the mountains, with hairpin turns and dangerous roads. She waves to other cars in hairpin turns and they wave back. He thinks it