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#0650: Nuccio's Nuts

Original Air Date: 12.16.2006
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Ray shares a story that illustrates the one little problem with using a vacuum cleaner to siphon gas.

Call 1

Tyrone Hook (Long Island, New York) - 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190


Call 2

Mary Kate Hodge (Ashboro, North Carolina) - 1999 Chevrolet Venture

heating/cooling... low coolant light flicks on and off. No apparent leak. Runs organic Dex cool coolant. Replaces fluid, then starts again. Where could it go? Does the coolant break down so she would have to put more coolant in?

Call 3

Jane Allburn (Gloucester, Ohio) - Hyundai Santa Fe

A marital conundrum. Dave and Jan live in the mountains, with hairpin turns and dangerous roads. She waves to other cars in hairpin turns and they wave back. He thinks it

Call 4

Nuccio Felito (Grand Junction, Colorado) - 2005 Acura TL

First the check engine light, then the ABS brake light

Call 5

Yali Maisel (, Florida) - Hyundai Santa Fe

Her car lurches, the accelerates and decelerates very quickly when she

Call 6

Tracy (, California) - 1998 Honda Civic

A suspension problem? Tracy

Call 7

Sally Frank (Waccabuc, New York) - 2002 Ford Explorer

Electrical... drove underneath a power line and there was a loud buzz and a huge flash of bright light coming from near the cig lighter. Car is fine. But what happened? Discharge of built up static electricity?

Call 8

Steve Kropper (Lexington, Massachusetts)

A $10 million dollar garage question. Do vehicles last longer in a heated garage? The answer might save Lexington, Massachusetts a ton of dinero. Tom and Ray thought they should keep the vehicles cold, so the ice doesn