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#0652: Chinese Food, Delivery!

Original Air Date: 12.30.2006
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The ultimate holiday gift.

Call 1

Nancy Williams (Knoxville, Tennessee) - 1994 Volvo 940

After Nancy warms her car up and accelerates, the car sounds possessed... like a ghost rattling chains.

Call 2

Scott Bartlebaugh (, California) - 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan

A squealing clutch... drive it till it dies? How bad can that be?

Call 3

Mary Jo Shields (, South Carolina) - 1993 Acura Integra


Call 4

David White (, Virginia) - 1996 Honda Accord

A tale of woe

Call 5

Carrie Head (Pucket City, Oklahoma) - 1997 Ford Expedition

Did Carrie fry the transmission by using it to slow down the truck while towing 9,000 pounds of catering equipment?

Call 6

Rush (Mystic, Connecticut) - 1973 Land Rover Defender

What's that smell?

Call 7

Seniz Jagedev (, Minnesota) - 1997 Honda Civic

Grinding and rattling sounds have Seniz scratching her head.

Call 8

Mark McIntyre (, Colorado) - 1997 Mercury Sable

When should you start worrying about your brakes?

Call 9

Virginia Ellington (, Tennessee) - 1991 Lincoln Continental

A Lincoln with an attitude.