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#0701: Paging Rod Serling: A Return to Waccabuc

Original Air Date: 01.06.2007
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We revisit Sally from Waccabuc, NY and the strange flash, crackle, boom she experienced while driving under some power lines. Our listeners weigh in with their crack-pot theories as to what really went on.

Call 1

Dan Gerstonlaut (Seekonk, Massachusetts) - 1996 Toyota Corolla

When it

Call 2

Cynthia (, Minnesota) - 2002 Toyota Camry

Cynthia's got a heating/cooling question. She can

Call 3

Jennifer (, Idaho) - 2001 Subaru Outback

Jennifer had her fuel filter changed, and now her Subaru smells like a mix of old gas and dirty mechanic - like the inside of a gas tank. She's hosed down engine block, cleaned car, and it still smells. Tom and Ray think the mechanic rested the fuel filter on the cowl, and gas spilled into the ventilation system. Or she could have a leak elsewhere. Use a hydrocarbon tester and

Call 4

Scott Pfeiffer (Long Beach, California) - 2004 Subaru Impreza


Call 5

Ann O'Connell (Glastonbury, Connecticut) - 2002 Volkswagen Passat

The molding on passenger side of her Passat is loose. Her boyfriend says they should just bend back and use superglue. She wants to take to an auto body shop. Tom and Ray suggest some Gorilla glue, but ultimately say to pony up the dough and get it fixed, ultimately agreeing

Call 6

Roy Leslie (San Antonio, Texas) - Nissan Xterra

Roy wants to put a gallon of 2-cycle chainsaw oil into the gas tank rather than dump it in his pasture. Will it screw things up? Gas can last much longer than the 2-3 weeks Roy was suggesting. It

Call 7

Carol Ann Barrett (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - 1995 Toyota Corolla

Carol's got a question about her windshield wipers. She stopped during a storm last winter to clean the wipers

Call 8

Anthony Ortiz (Colorado Springs, Colorado) - 1999 Ford F150

Twice in last 18 months, Anthony had spark plugs come out of the engine, ripping the threads. The guys think its the result of not being tightened quite enough, and the spark plug can slowly loosen over time. The solution is to check regularly and make sure they

Call 9

Libby Stellas (Seattle, Washington)