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#0702: If God Wanted People to Drive Stick Shifts, He Wouldn't Have Invented Automatic Transmissions

Original Air Date: 01.14.2007
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Killing Two Birds with One Stone Department: How to solve America’s obesity epidemic and the addiction to oil. Ray reads a letter from a listener suggesting they use the fat in their heads to power the US.

Call 1

Aurora Myers (Wheaton, Illinois) - 1992 Dodge Spirit


Call 2

Alan Cunningham (Los Angeles, California) - 1990 Volvo 740

Alan notices that when he

Call 3

Siobhan O'Quinn (Hattisburg, Mississippi) - 1966 Chevrolet 1500

Siobhan is putting additives in her Belair's engine, including a carburetor cleaner. The guys at the local shop told her she

Call 4

Gianofer Fields (Chicago, Illinois) - 1983 Volvo 240


Call 5

John Rinko (King George, Virginia) - 2002 Honda CR-V


Call 6

Chelsea Baker Hauck (Denver, Colorado) - 2004 Subaru Forester

Chelsea got stuck in one of Denver

Call 7

Matt Evans (, California) - 2006 Subaru Legacy

Matt is trying to figure out how the mileage meter works on his car. Why does he use more gas in certain gears? Ray explains that the faster you make the engine turn, the poorer mileage you

Call 8

Sue Fulton (Scranton, Pennsylvania) - 2002 Dodge Dakota


Call 9

Godfrey Herndon (Durham, North Carolina) - 1995 BMW 760

Godfrey has no idea what he