Show Rundown

#0703: Knowing When to Say Goodbye

Original Air Date: 01.20.2007
Show Open Topic

Great names of shops from the new book "Bizarre Bazaar."

Call 1

Casey Bui (Renton, Washington) - 1989 Toyota T100

A transmission/clutch question. It doesn

Call 2

Aundria Hartso (San Francisco, California) - 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

An engine problem. She gets a strident warning from temperature gauge when she first starts the car, and sometimes when driving down the highway. She just spent $4000 on it. She's been ignoring it. Tom and Ray thought she was just low on coolant, with barely enough. She might have a coolant leak someplace.

Call 3

Michael (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1997 Toyota Camry

A heating/cooling questions. The inside of his dashboard makes a slurping sound, like when you finish up a soda. The first time he heard it was when he on an incline. Ray thought it could be a bad motor mount. Stump the Chumps: wrong answer. The radiator was replaced.

Call 4

Catherine Truman (Somerville, Massachusetts) - 1992 Saab 900

Should she dump it or keep it? It has 154k on the odometer, and needs $2400 worth of work. But is it worth it to put that kind of money into such an old car? Tom and Ray thought she should spend some money... but its time could still be limited!

Call 5

Robert Foor (, Ohio) - 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

A brakes/suspension question. When he backs out of the driveway and steps on brakes, he get a whooshing sound from the back right hand corner, and that section of car drops. The car does the same thing when he pulls forward and brakes. Tom and Ray thought it could possibly be a frozen suspension bushing, or a stuck emergency brake.

Call 6

Jeffrey Keith (, Colorado) - 2000 Audi A6

Whenever he brakes on ice, it

Call 7

Mo Kelly (Eugene, Oregon) - 1997 Subaru Outback

A question related to engines and mileage. Her new mechanic tells her that she needs to change the wires and sparkplugs on both vehicles. It

Call 8

Phil Vaney (, Arizona) - Jeep

Repairing his engine, he did something foolish. He stripped the bolt in the vibration damper in the crankshaft. He then used a small sledgehammer to drive the damper back on. Now the engine shakes. How much damage has he done? Damaged the harmonic balancer.

Call 9

Gail Erickson (, California) - 2006 MINI Cooper